Subway Surfers
Subway Surfers - Missions List

Missions: x2
Missions: x3
Missions: x4

Missions: x5
Complete 1 Daily Challenges
Dodge 20 barriers
Score 6000 points in one single run

Missions: x6
Collect 2500 coins
Jump 30 times in one run
Buy 1 Mystery boxes

Missions: x7
Use 1 Hoverboards
Pick up 5 Coin Magnets
Bump into 4 Barriers 

Missions: x8
Pick up 2 Jetpacks
Beat 1 friend
Use 1 Headstarts

Missions: x9
Bump in to 8 trains in one run
Pick up 40 coins with a Magnet
Get caught in first 10 seconds of a run

Missions: x10
Use a Hoverboard without crashing
Pick up 2 Mystery boxes
Roll 30 times in a single run

Missions: x11
20000 points in one run
Pick Up 12 Powerups
Jump over 2 Trains (Shoes over singles)

Missions: x12
Collect 4000 points withput collecting coins (Head Start)
Roll 50 times in the center lane
Collect 5000 coins

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